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Marketing and Promotion

We provide taylored Marketing and Promotion services for Polymer Products and Companies. The journey starts where you have a product to sell, but there are many stations you have to pass through to get to the destination of a considerable Market Share: 

Price Analysis - Marketing Strategy - Targeting Marketplaces - Branding - Promotion - Event Participation and Advertising

Freight and Customs

Transportation and Logistics are among main issues for any trading or manufacturing firm. Changes in transport costs (including money, reliability and time costs) have critical impacts on profit margins and trade feasibility study. The increased speed and complexity of distribution networks in Trade and Business, has meant a significant increase in the number of firms outsourcing many of their transport functions to specialist firms in competitive market. 

Market Analysis and Consultancy

Our consultants provide detailed analysis and forecasting for the petrochemical, oil and fertilizer markets. We deliver the information you need to understand short, mid and long-term trends, as well as informed commentary and market outlooks, enabling you build robust, future plans for your business.

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