Post selling lead

Posting a selling lead is for offering a product to sell to potential customers.

Go to "Sell Products" pane in the main menu, fill the form with proper answers and submit.

You need to be logged in with activated user from the website.


Product category is determined by system, but you can add your suggestion if you don't find it in the list.

Product Model/Brand is a field you add to the product to make it more unique and explainable. like Poly Ethylenne BL3 Inhection; which BL3 Injection is the model/brand.

Product Image(s) can be uploaded from your computer to our server. If no images uploaded, Polymers will use default image for the given product category.

Specification data and techncal documents can be also uploaded to your listing. all document formats like word, excel, pdf etc are accepted. Description area helps clients to know more about your product, selling terms, delivery, pament, packing etc.

Packing Type should provide the client with basic information about your packing policy. Simplify your answer like "bulk", "in drums", "25kg polybags" etc

Stuffing information like "22MT in each 20' container", "25,000 litre bulk carrier", "15000 MT bulk vessel" etc

Price should be in USD per Metric Ton Mark the proper choice in delivery and payment terms. Provide the details in the Description area above.

Save the form in the end... and wait for feedbacks!