About us

As a Polymer's business activist, you definitely agree with us that in today’s global business economy, a reliable access to accurate data is crucial to make the best possible decision, every single time you enter a trade or business process.
We, at Polymers.ir, as the prime provider of Polymers market information and data to our clients, understand the sever impact of decisions made and solutions designed based on the information we provide to our customers. This is the reason we have worked so hard since 2005 to meet the standards of our progressively ongoing market.

But How we help our Clients?

Anyone any doubt in a business process, buying price and terms plays a key role in the whole process till the end of consumer chain? We don't think so! 
Polymers.ir simply enables its clients to reach better supplying network, smarter choices and better prices.

  • Competition based pricing algorithm results in better polymers material
  • Consulting services results in smarter selection of raw materials and polymers
  • Trusted-Partner function enables you to know about the history of your supplier or buyer

Polymers.ir Business Model

Polymers.ir is a B2B business firm, providing accurate information to its clients (both buyers and sellers) to help them compete in a safer and more reliable environment. We observe our information from the base levels of Petrochemical and Oil industries, refineries and Petrochemical complexes, to the high end management levels.

Registering in Polymers.ir is FREE! You can post buying or selling leads upon your free submission too. but below services are subjected to its given costs:


  • Consultancy on procurements, business processes and managing a trade.
    we have a team of trade experts and business analysists including Polymers' technicians to provide you right consultancies
  • Transportation and Freight services
  • Get approval from Polymers.ir as a Trusted-Partner
    this process needs providing enough legal and official information from last 3 years of business activity and a well reputation in the market

Legal Identity and ownership

Polymers.ir's mainly belongs to Parax Intelligent Progress company (in Persian پاراکس پیشرفت هوشمند), registered in Iran, Tehran (reg code: 440806)

The website started as a trading marketplace for Oil Products and Petrochemicals in 2006 and later B2B functionality added to it.
Founders: Emad Honarparvar and Reza Faghihi Rezaie

Other Share Holders and Partners:

Modiran Int. Trading co LTD - reg.: 327055 Iran, Tehran
Third Wave Phenomena - reg.: 260886 Iran, Tehran
SET Global Ltd. (Safety, Engineering and Training) - London, UK
Golden Way General Trading LLC - reg.: 577333 UAE, Dubai